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Our Projects

Julie Gives a Cluck

“We rescue ex-commercial egg farm hens in northern NSW before they are culled
and find homes for them.”

In Australia 27,000 chickens are killed every day by commercial egg producers because they are no longer
laying 1 egg per day. This is a cruel and gross disrespect for life. Who Gives a Cluck is kindly
rehoming chickens in Byron Shire.

Do you have a #rekind story?

We are seeking #rekind projects to fund and stories to tell.

Kindness Training

We believe kindness is the way forward for addressing the critical issues. Institutionalised cruelty has
become the norm and there is a need to relearn how to be kind. A Rekind objective is to promote kindness
training in our institutions. An example is ‘Kindness Behavioural Training’ (KBT), an eight week online
training program to cultivate more kindness in your life – for yourself and for others.

People & Ideas

A World First in Palitana

A truly inspiring story of 200 monks who went on a hunger strike in Palitana, India to persuade the
local government to declare Palitana Slaughter free and it worked!

David Attenborough Speaks Out

Vegetarian Sir David Attenborough said mankind must stop eating meat for the good of the planet. The
meat industry is a leading cause of climate change.

The True Cost of Meat Production

Senior U.N. Food and Agriculture official Dr. H Steinfeld stated that the meat industry is “one of the
most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems” and that “urgent action is
required to remedy the situation.”